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Tucker Carlson: Says Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed

First of all, Tucker Carlson is a well connected idiot. This guy has been fired by CNN and MSNBC yet now spouts gas for cash at Fox News – any guy who keeps getting these do-overs has to be well connected. Carlson, who should have eaten his shoe in 2003 after declaring Hillary Clinton’s book would flop has been LOUD wrong for as long as I can remember… and I have a great memory. Carlson doesn’t have Ms. Clinton to bail him out of this latest foot in mouth moment as she did when she presented him with a shoe shaped sheet cake. All kidding aside, I think ¬†with this latest remark he has definitely crossed a line.

Filling in for that other vast repository of intellect, Sean Hannity, the other night, Carlson asserted, “as a Christian,” that Michael Vick should have been executed for his crimes related to the dog fighting ring he operated in Virginia.

I’m an animal lover. I’ve had dogs and cats for almost all of my live and I know the gut wrenching sorrow for the loss that inevitably comes when they pass on. I have no apologies for Vick or his actions which caused him to be convicted and incarcerated. He broke the law, lied about it and was punished. He paid his societal debt and now has the opportunity to move on with his life.

Living in the “Inner city” of early 1990′s Washington, DC, (though I currently live in the same house I would no longer describe it as “inner city”), I was unfortunately able to experience first hand the “culture” of dogfighting.

Pit bulls (a generic term, to be sure), seemed to be the breed of choice of many of the young and not so young folks in the ‘hood. My next door neighbor, Mike, was a young cop whose pet was a rescued pit bull named Joshua, the most mild mannered good natured dog you’d ever want to meet. However, I was always very wary around the dog – the reputation of the breed notwithstanding.
One afternoon my neighbor and I were sitting on his steps with Joshua when a guy with a pit walked up and engaged in conversation. After a short while he asked, “Do you want let these guys go at it for a bit?” My neighbor said, “No, I don’t fight my dog.” The guy asked, “Why not?”

“Because I love my dog.”

That was it. The guy walked away clearly confused.

In early 2003 my wife took our dog out for his morning “constitutional” but within a couple of minutes I heard this horrible screaming and yelping outside. I immediately ran out to see a woman hustling away around the corner while my wife and dog (a dachshund) were sprawled, battered, bruised and bleeding on the sidewalk.

My wife, who only had superficial injuries, and I took our punctured and bleeding pet to the vet and then stopped at the local precinct to report the attack and file a complaint. However, the police were not interested in taking our complaint and wanted to know why we hadn’t called the police earlier. I raised some noise but the culprit was never apprehended. It turns out the woman saw my wife walking the dog and loosed her dog off its leash and the dog responded according to its training and conditioning. It attacked.

The perspective that moved that woman to commit such a heinous act may be endemic in the dog fighting culture… a culture that Vick evidently embraced during his formative years.
Unlike the characters in Jack London’s “White Fang” Vick was brought to justice for his actions. He went to prison, forfeited a tremendous sum of money and lost two years of his athletic prime; a fitting and proper sentence. However, after paying his debt to society why should a person like Carlson with an undeserved platform for influence be clamoring for more punishment including preventing him from making a living in his chosen profession and calling for his execution?

I believe in second chances and Vick seems bent on embracing his opportunity. This is not a position I come to recently, I wrote an article supporting second chances for offenders nearly ten years ago. It doesn’t matter if that person regains the right to vote, gain employment or qualify for the Pro Bowl.